Why offer face massage in your practice?

The benefits of a facial massage are many and can give your clients lasting results long after they leave your treatment room. 

A facial massage exercises the face muscles and gets the blood moving to create a better skin tone. It clears out pores, promotes collagen production, releases built-up toxins, and allows skincare products to penetrate deeper. Face massage also helps drain the stagnant fluid that can cause puffiness in the face. 

BUT the #1 reason to offer a face massage into your skincare or massage practice is to add more money to your bottom line.

Facial massage treatments stimulate pressure points on the face, neck, and shoulders, relieving the stress and anxiety that your clients carry daily. 

Incorporating face massage into your practice can be the one thing that keeps your clients coming back to you each month for a service they know helps reverse the signs of aging while also relieving the stress of their hectic lives.

Here is what your clients will be thinking and hopefully sharing when you offer a face and nack massage into your skincare treatment routine!

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