Founded in 2008 

The School of Makeup Artistry has set out to bring you the most comprehensive online learning platform available today. We have written this curriculum for everyone who desires to be the best in the field of Makeup Artistry and is looking for quality and accredited certification and for anyone who ever wanted to apply makeup like a professional.

Our courses are designed to help you to get the most from your online experience. Courses are taught in modules to be completed in the order they were written to allow you, the student, to understand all elements of makeup and the application of makeup artistry. We encourage our students to take their time and read each module, watch every video tutorial created exclusively for you by our Master Makeup Artistry Instructor and a few other experts in the field of makeup, then practice each skill taught. Do not rush but enjoy the beauty and experience of each Makeup Artistry application. Makeup Artistry is an art form that requires practice to enhance your skills. We encourage you to go back and review each module as you complete them and watch all videos in its entirety. Make sure you complete the assignments we have given so you can become proficient in your skills.

“Makeup artistry is an art and when used properly it is an art form that creates confidence in those who understand the splendor of it.”

I wish you abundant joy & success!

-Toni Thomas

Founder, Women in Gear

The School of Makeup Artistry

Toni Thomas: Founder/Master Instructor

Our founder began her entrepreneurial career as a beauty professional at the age of twenty-nine. Her love of the beauty industry and business fueled her passion to become a prosperous beauty professional and share her passion with others. She believes providing quality education at an affordable cost could take a woman to a level of success that at one time she could only dream about. Her business guide for all aspiring makeup artists, The Business of Makeup Artistry, was designed to give any makeup artist the skills they need to have a successful freelance business. She blogs regularly for the Beauty Buzz and many of her beauty articles have been published with the WOBC magazine. She currently holds active licenses as an esthetician, nail technician and makeup artist in two states and is a licensed master educator in Virginia. 

Having an entrepreneurial spirit has given her the skills necessary to share her life’s work by teaching it to others. It is her firm belief that happiness and success are achieved when we stop having expectations of others and focus on the potential of ourselves. It is our fundamental duty to create a path of our choosing and to pursue every opportunity that comes our way.

* Please note all classes are non-refundable

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