Who is right for The Makeup Academy?

Are you an aspiring makeup artist? Do you want to become a professional makeup artist? Then the school of makeup artistry is right for you. Are you an everyday woman who wants to learn the secrets to beautiful and flawless makeup? Then the school of makeup artistry is right for you. Are you a young adult who wants to learn how to apply your makeup like all your favorite influencers? Then the school of makeup artistry is right for you...

Why get your certification?

Hello, my name is Toni Thomas, lead instructor and founder of The School of Makeup Artistry. Are you ready to level up your makeup game? Are you ready to take your makeup career to the next level? Aspiring makeup artists often ask me why should I get my makeup certificate, does it really matter? The truth is having a makeup artistry certificate is essential in your beauty career if you want to establish yourself as a true professional in this industry. And if you want to gain credibility with your clients and fellow professional makeup artists. This industry is saturated with aspiring makeup artists but to be considered a true professional means taking the time and making the effort to gain the credentials that show you are an established makeup artist. In my courses, you will not only learn makeup skills and techniques but you will also learn the "Business of Makeup Artistry" and we are the only online school that teaches you exactly how to launch your beauty business career. Do you want to be one of the few six-figure earners in this industry? If so, then join me in my Professional Makeup Artistry Class and learn how you can become a successful professional makeup artist.
Toni Thomas