The Best Makeup Class You Will Ever Attend!

Beginner level makeup course for aspiring makeup artists & all women who want to learn how to apply flawless looking makeup at any age...

Join our most popular beginner course and learn the secrets of Makeup Artistry from our Master Makeup Artistry Instructors. This course will walk you through today's makeup hottest trends utilizing our exclusive 10 step makeup process. You will move step-by-step through our online modules and learn the techniques for every makeup application. Each module has an accompanying video tutorial that can be watched until you perfect your technique. 

This course is designed for every woman young and mature and for aspiring makeup artists who are just building their beauty business career. In a few short lessons, you'll have the knowledge, skills, and ability to achieve a Vogue Cover Look or flawless makeup that lasts all day!

This course comes with a welcome letter, access for 90 days, and a makeup guidebook written by our founder.

This is a non-certificate course.

What You Will Learn

Makeup skills and so much more...

  • Makeup Skills

    As an aspiring makeup artist, you will learn the hottest and trendiest makeup techniques on the market today. When you finish your course you will be able to launch a successful beauty career.

  • Social Skills

    Once you establish your makeup artistry career we will show you all the skills you need to launch a successful social media campaign to gain clients and followers.

  • Business Skills

    With the most comprehensive online school of makeup artistry in the industry, we not only teach you makeup skills but the business skills you will need to launch a successful and profitable beauty business.

Meet Our Founder

Award Winning Makeup Artist | Educator | Author | Beauty Business Guru

Founder | Senior Instructor

Toni Thomas

Beauty business guru & award-winning editorial makeup artist Toni Thomas has spent her entire career in the beauty and fashion industry and she is thrilled to have you as a student. Whether you are looking to build a thriving beauty business, want to improve your makeup skills, or are looking to become a certified makeup artist Ms. Thomas has designed these courses for you! If you are an aspiring makeup artist no matter what your level of expertise she has created her certificate courses on a step-by-step platform that is easy to follow and gives you all the knowledge you need to have a successful beauty business career. "I look forward to meeting you when you join me in class, I have designed these classes and workshops exclusively with you in mind. It is my deepest desire to see you succeed as a beauty industry professional and have a thriving beauty career." Toni, xoxo

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Makeup Artistry 101

  • 3

    The History of Makeup Artistry

    • Makeup Through the Ages

    • Video: Victorian Era Makeup

    • Video: Hidden Histories: Cosmetics

  • 4

    Brushes & Tools

    • Understanding Brushes & Tools

    • Clean Your Brushes Step-by-Step

  • 5

    Safety and Sanitation

    • Infection Control and Best Practices

    • Video: Proper Hand washing is rule #1

    • Cleaning and Maintaining Your Brushes

    • Cleaning Your Pro Brushes

  • 6

    Color Theory: Color Matching & Understanding Color

    • Color Theory: Part 1

    • Color Theory: Part 2

    • Best Ever Color Theory Video w/ Robert Jones

  • 7

    Facial Shapes & Features

    • Shapes of the Face and Facial Features

    • Figuring Out Your Face Shape

  • 8

    Skin Types, Skincare and Makeup

    • Skin Type, Skin Tone, Skin Care and Makeup

    • Skin Type Test

    • Determining Skin Tone

    • Color Matching Your Foundation

    • The Importance of Skincare

  • 9

    Conceal & Correct

    • Under Eye Correct & Conceal

    • Color Correction and Conceal Video Tutorial

    • Concealers

  • 10

    Contour & Highlight

    • Rules of Contouring & Highlighting

    • Video: Highlight and Contour

  • 11

    Eye Shadow

    • Showcasing the Eyes

    • Video: Shadow & Lash Application

  • 12

    Eye Liner

    • Understanding Eye Liner

    • Video: Winged Eyeliner

  • 13


    • Lash Enhancements

    • Video: Lash Enhancements

  • 14

    Eye Brows

    • Eyebrow Correction & Shaping

    • The Brow Rules

  • 15


    • All About the Lips

  • 16

    Day Time Makeup

    • Day Time Makeup Application

    • Trendy Day Time Look

    • Everyday Natural Look

  • 17

    Evening Makeup

    • Day to Night with Ease

    • Day to Night Video Tutorial

    • Evening Makeup Video Tutorial

  • 18

    Makeup Magic

    • 10 Step Makeup Application

    • Video: Eyes, Lips, Lashes

  • 19

    The Smoky Eye

    • The Perfect Smoky Eye

    • Smoky Eye Video Tutorial

    • Sexy Smoky Eye Video Tutorial

  • 20

    Building Your Kit

    • Building Your Pro Kit

  • 21

    Your Makeup Business

    • Your Makeup Biz

    • Download: The Business of Makeup Artistry

  • 22

    Next Steps

    • More Resources for You


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Great Basics

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Great for the beginner who needs all the basics.

Great for the beginner who needs all the basics.

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