Classic Lash Course

The Best Dual Certificate Online Eyelash Extension Training Available In the Beauty Industry Today

Once you enroll in this exclusive training you will receive dual registration with SugarLash PRO Academy 'Classic Eyelash Extension Class' through their online training portal & with The Beauty Academy 'Rock Your Beauty Biz' course through their online training portal. This dual certification course was designed to propel your lash business to a new level of success.

In this groundbreaking course where you will receive dual certification from SugarLash Pro Academy & The Beauty Academy.

You'll learn how to do classic lash extensions like a pro with the SugarLash Pro Academy's #1 online lash course. This course lays the foundation in skills and knowledge to build a thriving lash career. This course covers all aspects of theory, application, and lash styling in 30 comprehensive video modules giving you the confidence to pursue lash excellence.

In the Classic Eyelash Extension Course, you will learn the art of applying one eyelash extension per one natural lash. You will learn lash isolation, how to troubleshoot retention, understand styling, and all the fundamentals of lashing like a pro. LashPro academy's online courses are designed to accommodate your needs. Whether you are a busy beauty professional or you want to learn in a self-paced environment, all classic lash course students receive lifetime access to course materials, including video modules, waivers, and client files sheets, so you can study on your own time and refresh your skills whenever you need to.

Wouldn't you like to have a career that takes you beyond your wildest dreams and gives you a life filled with passion, purpose, and intention

This course is your blueprint to lash artistry success and professional beauty business success. You will learn from the #1 online lash academy.


* A complete Classic Lash Kit with the training manual with all lashes, tools, and implements

* Lifetime access to the SugarLash Pro Academy classic lash course 

* A Rock Your Beauty Biz book and lifetime access to The Beauty Academy's online beauty business course

* Lash Certification from SugarLash Pro Academy

* Beauty Business Certification from The Beauty Academy


* How to launch an online portfolio with no money.

* How to gain a strong presence and get instant credibility in the lash industry.

* How to build relationships that matter and get you lasting results.

* How to get clients, and how to make a bigger profit from your existing clientele.

* How to sell your lash services without feeling pushy or salesy.

* How to create your own marketing blueprint designed exclusively for you.

NOTE: All courses are non-refundable after purchase.

Founder | Senior Instructor

Toni Thomas

Beauty business guru & award-winning editorial makeup artist Toni Thomas has spent her entire career in the beauty and fashion industry and she is thrilled to have you as a student. Whether you are looking to build a thriving beauty business, want to improve your makeup skills, or are looking to become a certified makeup artist Ms. Thomas has designed these courses for you! If you are an aspiring makeup artist no matter what your level of expertise she has created her certificate courses on a step-by-step platform that is easy to follow and gives you all the knowledge you need to have a successful beauty business career. "I look forward to meeting you when you join me in class, I have designed these classes and workshops exclusively with you in mind. It is my deepest desire to see you succeed as a beauty industry professional and have a thriving beauty career." Toni, xoxo

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • SugarLash Classic Lash Intro

    • Classic Lash Class Manual (download)

    • Lash Guide (download)

    • Lash Practice Sheets (download)

    • Client Information Form (download)

    • Client Liability Waiver (download)

    • Client Consent Form (download)

    • Client Record Form (download)

    • Client Photo & Video Release Form (download)

  • 2

    Lesson 1

    • Lash Class Registration

  • 3

    Classic Lash Course

    • Classic Lash Course

  • 4

    Lesson 2

    • Rock Your Beauty Biz Class Registration

  • 5

    Certification Certificates

    • Lash Class Certification & How to Get It